A Truly Special Gift From Nature

Hinoki Wood Work

Hand-crafted products from nature’s most exquisite Hinoki wood. From the selection of the finest Hinoki wood to the craftsmanship of each individual product, we want to bring the gift of nature into the hands of our customers.

Our Products

WA HINOKI Cutting Board

Available in Sizes: S/M/L
Starting Price: 1,900THB

Wooden Sushi Neta Case

Available Options: Clear Case or Closed Case
Price: 1,900THB

Sushi Plate

Price: 1,900THB

Tailor-Made Products

Whether it’s kitchen accessories, tabletops, or even furniture – our team at Hinoki Wood Work are able to meet your needs and requirements. Need something tailor-made to your needs? Please get in touch with us

Our Story

The core fundamentals of healthy living start from what we choose to surround ourselves with, ranging from fresh natural ingredients to the utensils used to prepare our food. Traditionally, Hinoki wood is well known for its use as a cutting surface as the characteristics of the wood help retain the taste and texture of delicate dishes like Omakase sushi. This is why top Omakase sushi chefs deliberately choose chopping boards that are made from Hinoki wood to ensure the best quality food is served to their customers.

With an original “Wa” product, you will have the exact same experience as top sushi chefs. Each of our products are carefully handcrafted true to Japanese tradition by skilled artisans which embody the true symbol of Hinoki: Strength, Durability and Holiness.

Hinoki wood is a true icon of prosperity and good health that arouses all five senses.

The Charms of Hinoki

Smooth Finishing Touch

Hinoki wood comes in a beautiful white with a hint of pale pink color creating a unique sheen touch. The wood is simply smooth to the touch due to its extremely fine grain characteristics.

Humidity Resistant

Hinoki wood is resistant to both water and humidity because the wood is hygroscopic. This characteristic makes it hard for the wood to deform, shrink, bend, warp or even crack.

Aromatherapy Fragrance

Hinoki wood contains a very unique fragrance that has a long-lasting scent after drying. It’s aromatic fragrance helps people feel calm, reduces anxiety, treats fatigue and respiratory problems.

Suppresses Bacteria

Hinoki wood contains high essential oil content and the phyoncide found in Hinoki has a strong antibacterial effect which can help prevent any mold formation and bacteria to grow.

Durability & Strength

Hinoki wood was used to build Japanese temples, shrines, and palaces in ancient times such as the Osaka Castle and Horyuji Temple which are still standing and in form after 1,300 years.




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